2024 Campus Muster Honorees

Honorees are added to the Campus Muster Roll Call after meeting criteria and successful submission of the Honoree & Family Information Card. Names will now be added daily. If you have any questions please reach out to the Roll Call Coordinators at (979) 862-2105 or rollcallcampus@gmail.com. Office hours are held Mondays 9am-11:30AM, Wednesdays 9am-11:30AM, and Thursdays 8am-11:30am.


Randy Gale Abernathy ’74
Curtis L. Allen ’64
Richard Wayne Armstrong ’65
Todd Arrant
Harvey Ross Aschenbeck ’69
Henry Grady Ash Jr. ’58
James Kevin Ashby ’86
Robert Dodd Bates ’62
Anton Frank “Tony” Bautz ’74
Dr. Warren Beard ’82
Michael Shawn Beck ’85
Col. John C. Becka Jr.
Leonard Christopher Benedic ’59
Ronnie Gail Bradley ’56
Eugene “Gene” L Butler ’63
Garry Edwin Caffey ’66
Charles William Caldwell
Nate Callaway ’25
Charles Wesley Casada ’72
Lorena Maria Casares ’24
Richard Thomas Chamblin ’55
Steven Everette “Steve” Chapman ’74
Lonnis Chargois
Dr. Donald E. Clark
Professor Carrol Dean Claycamp ’67
Randall Craig Colwick ’74
Christopher Louis Cooke ’92
Bruce Halsey Crocombe ’89
Douglas “Doug” Ray Currier ’74
William Russell de Groh ’16
Cheryl Fisher Deborah ’82
Rolando G Dominguez ’54
Lt. Col. Mark Alan DuLaney ’74
Gerald Keith Ebanks
George Drummond Edge
Wayne Alan Enderle ’74
David F Fleming ’75
Dr. Davis L. Ford ’59
Richard Ford ’85
Michael Otts Ford ’70
Capt Ronald Wayne Forrester ’69
Dr. Mark Fossett
Victoria Lynn Fowler Anderson ’16
Col. Christopher Thomas Franklin ’74
Otto L. Fuchs, Jr.
Thomas Edward Giles ’58
Heather Diane Glenn Erwin ’91
Dr. Maricela Gonzales ’04
Dr. Ruth Bagnall Gonzalez ’74
Katherine R. Goodbar ’74
Earl Ray Gordy ’50
Julia Anne Grasley ’20
James Allen Greenwood ’74
Todd Laney Gregory
Madison Taylor Dovie Hall ’23
William Harrison Hall ’23
Linda Lowrey Halter ’79
John Wesley Hamm ’62
Drake B. Hardison ’26
Joseph Harris
Ben Harrison ’93
Bernard C. Heer Jr. ’61
Andrew Thomas Henges ’26
Alfred Olsen Hilgers ’56
Joe Michael Hogue ’74
Christina Renée Hruzek ’21
Carolyn Silvey Ivey ’92
Samuel “Sam” Hartsfield Raines Jackson ’25
Logan K. Jones ’24
Tara Christine Jones
Monica Michelle Jones
Michael David Kalina ’73
Jim Keblinger ’53
Terry Lee Keener ’71
Madeline Shea Kelly ’16
Dr. Gerald Don Killgore ’70
Charles Ray King ’63
Kenneth Wayne Koehler ’75
Kash Krinhop ’96
Harold F. L