2019-2020 Aggie Muster Committee Executives

Greg Fink
Greg FinkCommittee Advisor
As Muster Committee Advisor, Greg coordinates and communicates with the Department of Student Activites and the Muster Committee. His primary role with the committee is to advise on critical decisions and develop leaders of character.
Kaley Markos '19
Kaley Markos '19Committee Chair
As Muster Committee Chair, Kaley leads and directs the executives and committee members. She is responsible for the continuation and progression of the tradition on campus.
Julia Schrank '19
Julia Schrank '19Reunion Class Operations Executive
As the Reunion Class Operations Executive, Julia leads the Reunion Class Operations subcommittee that is tasked with facilitating current student interaction with the 50th year reunion class. The subcommittee organizes and carries out a barbeque for the class and students with annual attendance over 1200. Additionally, they facilitate portions of the reunion and the class’s involvement in the Muster Ceremony held in Reed Arena.
Mady Gomez '21
Mady Gomez '21Speaker Executive
As the Speaker Executive, Mady leads the Speaker subcommittee that is tasked with selecting the keynote speaker for the Muster Ceremony. The subcommittee also accepts, researches, and compiles nominations, and secures speakers for our weekly general committee meetings. Additionally, they keep former committee members educated on the current state of the committee and also organize a private dinner in honor of the speaker prior to April 21st.
Sidney Watts '19
Sidney Watts '19Awareness Executive
As the Awareness Executive, Sidney leads the Awareness subcommittee that is tasked with promoting the Muster Ceremony on the campus of Texas A&M. The subcommittee creates the Muster program that is given to over 14,000 in attendance at Reed Arena. Additionally, they create promotional items and posters that are spread throughout the Bryan/College Station area. In addition to these duties, they also facilitate and maintain the official Aggie Muster social media pages.
Lauren Kraus '19 and Sam Baxter '21
Lauren Kraus '19 and Sam Baxter '21Roll Call and Families Executives
As the Roll Call and Families Executives, Lauren and Sam lead the Roll Call and Families subcommittee that is tasked with compiling the Roll Call for the Absent that is read at the Ceremony. The subcommittee is also tasked with collecting items of personal significance to the honorees for the Reflections Display setup in the Flag Room of the Memorial Student Center. Additionally, they facilitate the selection and training of over 120 Muster Hosts who provide a direct and personal point of contact for each family the night of April 21st.
Sami Landon '20 and Zack Barnes '20
Sami Landon '20 and Zack Barnes '20Programs Executives
As the Programs Executives, Sami and Zack lead the Programs subcommittee that is tasked with preparing the logistics of the ceremony for Reed Arena and the overflow location. The subcommittee coordinates the process by which honored families are greeted and checked in on the night of April 21st. Additionally, they work with the staff of Reed Arena and our overflow location to ensure that all details of the ceremony are planned and rehearsed.