Campus Muster Criteria

A current student is defined as an individual who is enrolled at Texas A&M at the time of their passing. Current students are honored here because their peers, classmates, and community will be present on campus the Day of Muster.

Service men and women, in their honorable commitment to serve our country in the armed services, willingly relinquish ties to their hometowns. However, in a profound acknowledgment of our illustrious military history, they find their Aggie community deeply rooted in Texas A&M, which serves as their enduring hometown.

The campus community relies significantly on the direct interactions between faculty and staff and current students, underscoring the vital role they play. We take pride in recognizing individuals who actively contribute to the campus experience, as they substantially shape the overall composition of the current campus community. In this spirit, the Campus Muster Ceremony honors Texas A&M Professors who have been granted Emeritus status.