The 2015 Campus Muster Speaker is Congressman Will Hurd '99


We are pleased to announce that our 2015 Muster Speaker is Congressman Will Hurd. Will was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. A proud product of Texas’s public school system, he attended John Marshall High School and Texas A&M University. During his time at A&M, he served as the student body president during the time of the college’s greatest tragedy – the Bonfire collapse of 1999. As president, he worked to keep the students calm and organized. His leadership skills were shaped that night, organizing student volunteers to help rescue crews. Congressman Hurd has used the lessons learned from that fateful night, and his overall Aggie experience to help him succeed. "I learned a lot of stuff during that process and I would give up all those lessons if those kids were still alive," Hurd told The Eagle. "But it was an honor to serve the Aggie community in its darkest hours." 

After college, Mr. Hurd served as an undercover officer in the CIA in the Middle East and South Asia for nearly a decade, collecting intelligence that influenced the National Security agenda. Upon leaving the CIA, he became a Senior Advisor with a cybersecurity firm, covering a wide range of complex challenges faced by manufacturers, financial institutions, retailers, and critical infrastructure owners. He was also a partner with a strategic advisory firm helping businesses expand into international markets. In 2015, Mr. Hurd was elected to the 114th Congress and currently serves on the Committee of Oversight and Government Reform and Chairs the Information Technology Subcommittee along with serving on the Homeland Security Committee and Vice Chair of the Border and Maritime Subcommittee. He is extremely close with his brother Charlie, sister Liz, mother Mary Alice, and father Bob, who all live back home in the district.

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