Reunion: Class of ‘66


50 years ago, the class of '66 said goodbye to Texas A&M College. April 21st, help us welcome them as they revisit their college days and experience Texas A&M University as it is today.

         Each year, Muster recognizes the fallen in the roll call with the response of “here,” but it also recognizes the past ofA&M, Old Army, and the class that precedes us by 50 years. This year, we’re honored to welcome back the class of ’66—a class that had more change than almost any in A&M’s history.

        During the four years leading up to their graduation, the class of ’66 watched an all-male military school turn into a co-ed, integrated institution with a noncompulsory Corps of Cadets. This was a class that witnessed their peers being drafted one by one for the Vietnam War. President Earl Rudder was here making the difference that has since earned him great recognition. The Agriculture and Mechanical College of Texas officially changed its name to Texas A&M University.

         Now, we invite back a year that underwent so much change in order for us to have the university as we know it today. Every year, along with the Muster ceremony, the Camaraderie BBQ is held to bring together current students and the 50-year reunion class to share stories and pass along wisdom and to bring to life the widespread Aggie Network. Tickets will be available in the spring to take part in this integral tradition that unites the past and present of A&M.

Class of ’66 Memories



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