Welcome to the homepage of Aggie Muster, a time-honored celebration of those Aggies who have served and set the stage for Texas A&M's University current and future success. Below you will find a Table of Contents describing what can be found in each tab listed above.

  • History: How Muster began and its transformation
  • April 21st: Dates, times, and locations for events leading up to and the day of Muster
  • Camaraderie BBQ: BBQ on April 21 celebrating the 50 year reunion class (open to all)
  • Roll Call: A listing of Aggies who will be honored at the A&M Campus Muster
  • Families: Describes the process for informing Muster Committee about the loss of your loved one
  • Reflections Display: Information for honored families about how to participate in Reflections Display
  • Speaker: A biography of the 2015 Muster speaker, and a listing of past Muster speakers (to be announced!)
  • Endowment: Information on how to donate to Muster and continue the tradition
  • Contact Us: How to reach Muster Committee and its leadership
  • Campus Muster Live Stream: Watch Campus Muster through the live stream


 "Softly Call the Muster..."

Muster Committee 2015-2016

"The truest respect we can give today in remembering the spirit of Muster is to preserve it. To live it. To be there." 

- Henry Cisneros

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